The Great Attractor EP

Phara - The Great Attractor EP

Belgian based Phara makes a huge debut on Soma with The Great Attractor EP. With his fast, raw and energetic sound, Phara's ascent has been quick off the mark and this latest release has the young producer stretch himself farther with cleverly produced and exciting tracks. UK Techno don, Setaoc Mass backs up this already masterful EP, lending his own prowess to the title track.

Great Attractor leans on 90s, spaced out techno vibes as fast paced 909s fire against the backdrop of rapid, modulating synths. Setaoc Mass' remix comes up next, offering a deeper more restrained affair. However, as usual, the adept nature of his productions deal out devastating effect. On the flip, Mission 3,2,1 delves into dubbed out synth work whilst retaining drive and groove. Further dub explorations are found on closing track The Andromeda Manoeuvre. Spacial synth work and atmospherics ebb and flow as Phara's hard hitting and relentless percussive work deals the final blow.

12inch Soma: SOMA595 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L