Various Artists

Private Party EP

Various Artists  - Private Party EP

A unique release with four tracks, each by a different 030303 member from the first hour. B?hm kicks off with Tranquility, a moody and atmospheric acid electro track; hard hitting snares, 303 bubbles and and a dark cloud of gloomy drone. Freek Fabricius' track Druk op een Knop is part built up by samples taken from an obscure gaming device for small children. The result is a bizarre and spooky track, loosely held together by a messy Roland melody. Geel Acidvarken's excellent contribution is one to listen to again and again and reminds a little of Plastikman's Consumed project; lots of dreamy reverb effects on the warm bleeps with persistent snares and rattling rim shots added to the spaciness. Piepiep's System 100 is a brilliant funky beast, hectic and crystal clear at once with lots happening yet a dedicated focus on the floor. A very strong 12'' and a big tip!

12inch 030303: 030EP020 € 10,49