The Jaffa Kid

Polysynthesis pt. 2

The Jaffa Kid - Polysynthesis pt. 2

Daniel Pringle aka Jaffa Kid returns to 030303 with a heavy and versatile five tracker. Amazon is a futuristic cut, reminiscent of Gerald Donald's Arpanet project, but a little faster and even more otherworldly. On Drum Mode, Pringle adds some dramatic melodic layers to a bare steadily rolling kick drum - making it a perfect track for a melancholic rave. In the Morning, the first one on the flip, is a beautiful, arpeggio-driven electro jam that should appeal to fans of early Legowelt. We then enter breakbeat territory with the droney, mid-tempo Etafe warming you up for Rudiman, where Jaffa Kid lets Lynn Collins' famous Think sample run wild in a spooky way. Stunning stuff.

12inch 030303: 030EP027 € 11,99