Nao Nhil

Ex Voto

Nao Nhil - Ex Voto

Ex-Voto is the first page in a new story, where French techno artist Nao Nhil looks inwards to find pools of sonic hypnosis. Taking inspiration from both techno and ambient music, Nao Nhil explores the outer reaches of contemporary, dancefloor expression, striking a delicate balance between body and mind. Contrasts between percussive roughness and slick execution, or between brooding darkness and beams of radiance, colour the sound and hold your gaze. The pristine techno construction of ''Ex-Voto'' tunnels deep into Nao Nhil's core, unearthing the roots from which the laser-cut drone of ''Primal Atom'' and the stepping kaleidoscope of ''Psylle'' were born.

12inch Nao Nhil Music: NNM001 remind