DYL / Stavrogin

Second Phase

DYL / Stavrogin - Second Phase

MOLT‘s second outing consists of five cuts, firstly Stavrogin’s thunderous technoid jungle rework of DYL’s contrastingly introverted original; weaving intricately layered noise and percussion over huge hitting sine-kick pressure. DYL’s other o­erings on this side channel early drum & bass, with chunky, filtered breakbeat rhythms and vivid, colourful yet bleakly detailed, arrhythmic sound design. Flip the record for DYL’s o­-kilter broken techno floor-rattler Transfer, opening with soul-swallowing suspense — its deep subs and catchy delayed kick-rhythms evoke imminent danger. To conclude, Stavrogin brings erratic, sub-heavy melancholia with his second piece meshing luscious chords with stuttered kick sounds upon dashes of layered bass. In line with MOLT‘s first edition, vinyl copies of Second Phase include ten locked groove loops for use creatively as sampling or DJ tools, this time assembled by Blanca.

12inch Molt Imprint: MOLT002 remind