Pleasure Machine

Posthuman - Pleasure Machine

Posthuman need no introduction. The cousin duo of Rich Bevan and Josh Doherty released a string of IDM albums on labels like Seed, Skam and B12 before turning their attention to a sound that would go on to become a staple of the artists ethos: acid.

Cyberdome follow up their debut release from Slacker with a wicked four tracker that represents the no-fuss, back to basics ethos that Posthuman hold so close. No frills, just high quality dance music. ‘Pleasure Machine’ is a squelching cut of acid-electro; robotic vocals, precise drum programming and a minimal approach crafting a track that very much defines the Posthuman aesthetic.

The worlds of UK bassline, dub and electro meet on ‘Titan Descent’; large and ravey wubs and stripped-back production creating a minimal-styled wobbler that highlights how less can also mean more. ‘Terror Police’ sounds like its batteries might be running out - as its bassy stabs begin to slow across a classic electro beat - before finding themselves back at 100% as a defected rhythm begins to melt.

Rounding off the release is a remix from electro royalty DMX Krew, who turns in a typically marshy cut rendition of the ‘Terror Police’ OG; a dark and creepy atmospheric journey through the Oblivion gate.

12inch Cyberdome: Cyberdome002 € 15,99