BMW Track / So U Kno Overmono

Overmono - BMW Track / So U Kno Overmono

*** 1 copy per customer *** Overmono return to Poly Kicks with 'BMW Track/So U Kno', a 12'' that's ''a tribute to the legacy of our south east London studio'' say the duo. Built in the early 90's, in the studio's history a fair few genre defining tunes have been made by previous occupants. ''You can feel it in the atmosphere somehow and it's had a big impact on the direction of our music.'' 'BMW Track' is a stomper of a breakbeat tune, one you can imagine being played in the early hours in basement clubs across the country. But 'So U Kno' is for the penthouse; its sexier, glossier sister. A UKG indebted track that manages to be groovy, soulful and extremely satisfying, the duo's ''tributes'' take influence from these previous occupants but stamp it all over with their own trademark. *** 1 copy per customer ***

12inch Poly Kicks: POLY015 remind
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