Locked Club


Locked Club - Egipet

Since debuting on Private Persons in 2017, Russian duo Locked Club has gone on to release well received material on TRAM Planet and, more recently, Boys Noize and pretty new Russian STVOL. Here they return again to the Private Persons fold with their new EP for the imprint in one year. Fans of no-holds-barred, industrial strength electro/techno fusion should check the brain-melting insanity.

This new record from Russia's Private Persons provides a healthy dose of twisted electro-minded tech that should appeal to all sorts of DJs seeking that 'raw' edge. This new pile driver comes from the minds of Locked Club, and hungrily to deliver some good old dread into the dance floor, which sees a welcome return to the imprint from no-holds-barred Russian Electro Punk.

EP Private Persons: PrivatePersons019 € 13,99