Dos Ritmos

'Materia' EP

Dos Ritmos - 'Materia' EP

Luca Lozano and Phran's 'Dos Ritmos' project released its first record back in 2018, the Antropophony EP was a result of the duo's shared appreciation for heavy percussion and worldly drums, sampled and mashed together to create a pan-national representation of polyrhythms and atmospherics. The second release from the duo sees Phran direct the project and expand the collaborative nature of the working process, contributers Ribes, Ivy Barkakati, Jonathan Sirit and Hidden Memory all bring their own influences and flavours to the table. The 'Materia' EP steers the ship in a simliar direction to the first EP but the resulting tracks are more stripped down, driving and focus directly on whats makes a groove a groove.

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