Shinichi Omata

Boku Neko Platanus

Shinichi Omata - Boku Neko Platanus

Expanded vinyl edition of previously tape-only lost techno-pop classic from Tokyo/1984 - coming with an additional fifty minutes plus of unreleased archival music from the original recording sessions.

Artwork by the acclaimed book designer Luke Bird and liner notes by the artist. 300 copies (180g).

A Japanese synth curio? A lost techno-pop classic? So might run the standard view of the electronic album Boku?Neko?Platanus, recorded in 1984 by Shinichi Omata. The facts point that way. The futuristic Platonische Liebe and Omata’s technodelic take on the traditional Greek folk track Egyptische Knabe are timeless electro tracks with a radically simple pop concept and robotic flavour that closely echo Japan’s most recognisable exports from the era.

2LP Choon: CHN007 € 44,99