Hybrid Man


Hybrid Man - Shapeshifting

Opening with 'Virtual Language', the duo seemingly nods in the direction of Richard H. Kirk's seminal Virtual State album, inspired by the futurism and warm robotic soundscapes of the 90s ambient techno scene. Dub FX and swirling basslines underpin the stylistic make-up of the EP, sharp breaks on the title track recalling 5AM catharsis in a pre-lockdown state of loved up rave bliss. Combining propulsive sequences with melancholic pads and melodies that are as easy to grab onto as they are lost the morning fog, the pair show a talent for holding the attention of the keen listener as they might the dancer. Indeed, those already attuned to the contemporary Australian underground might recognise Holden's name from his slower paced work with Low Flung.

12inch Butter Sessions: BSR036 € 15,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L