Alpha Tracks

slash 001 (Format, KI/KI remixes)

Alpha Tracks - slash 001 (Format, KI/KI remixes)

The Austrian born artist Alpha Tracks will be kicking off the very first release of slash with 2 original tracks and remixes from Format (aka Orlando Voorn) and slash founder KI/KI. Previous releases on BPitch, Blue Hour and Morbid were already a showcase of pure craftsmanship by Alpha Tracks, now on slash he's showing his consistency yet again, delivering high quality as always. With a love for analog hardware sound, the producer turns fast paced bangers, with a bit of imagination, into beautiful subtle techno ballads. Always with their own story to tell, while never losing his focus on the drive and ready to bring audiences around the globe into a trance.

12inch slash: SLASH001 remind