Lord Of The Isles

Subtle Thoughts

Lord Of The Isles - Subtle Thoughts

Beautiful cinematic electronix on this full length album by Lord Of The Isles inspired by the beauty of the islands of Scotland. Neil McDonald's love of the outdoors is a constant feature in his music, hence his Lord Of The Isles moniker, a direct reference to the Highlands and islands of his native Scotland.
His vivid, effervescent and blissfully cinematic sound paints a soundtrack to unmade
films, building imaginary worlds inspired by his childhood passion for science fiction.
It is therefore no coincidence that the closing track 'Subtle Thoughts' samples the
inimitable voice of Carl Sagan and is also the name of his forthcoming album on
Lapsus Records.
Subtle Thoughts' is an album of sumptuous melancholic electronica that, like all his
previous works, avoids being pigeonholed. In it we find ambient and IDM, but also
breaks and down-tempo 4x4 beats with deep ruminations, and even passages akin
to new age and Balearic. In Neil's own words, the real concept behind 'Subtle
Thoughts' is "The spaces in between. Listening to the quiet voices. Freedom of
expression and being open. It also contains my hopes and fears for the future of our
world, but mainly hope and love".

LP Lapsus: LPS33 € 22,99