Valitila (VC-118A Remix)

HOMI - Valitila (VC-118A Remix)

Patterns of Perception returns with a snapshot of the Finnish scene: a collection of fast psychedelic techno from Helsinki artist HOMI with a slow-burning remix from VC-118A.

Recorded at his studio space in Helsinki, HOMI's V?litila EP begins with three tracks of percussive, acid-tinged techno, primed for peak time. The B-side features a remix of the title track V?litila from Dutch-born and now Finland-based VC-118A, delivering a winding, slow-burning counterweight to Homi's dancefloor-oriented original. The digital edition includes a bonus fifth track of quirky breakbeat techno from HOMI titled SmallBisnes.

Inspired by fast '90s techno in the vein of Detroit legend Rod Modell, the record is at turns delicate yet powerful, high energy yet melancholic. It also marks a turning point for the artist, coinciding with a shift away from a pure jamming approach and an expansion of his music-making techniques in studio, adding greater depth and complexity to his output.

12inch Patterns Of Perception: PTN02 € 11,99
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