Zeitgeist (Marvin & Guy remix)

Micropacer - Zeitgeist (Marvin & Guy remix)

Fresh off the back of their excellent ‘Meridian’ EP from Bristol’s Zobol, Melodize head to the cultural petri-dish of Berlin for a label debut from Micropacer.

The aptly titled lead track ‘Zeitgeist’ opens with its pulsing synths and analogue drums. Fragile melodies and pressurised hi-hats tailor the tempo as well to deliver iconic dancefloor emotions. Super-talent Vhyce allows the original melody to dance behind his pitched-down, growling bass synth to create the perfect alter ego.

On the flip, Seelenruhe creates a Summer-esque midtempo crowd-pleaser with its thick bass, oscillating synths and whip-cracking 808 stabs, all layered with guitar licks and distorted feedback. With added luft and cyber-vocals, Italian duo Marvin and Guy add their trademark glitter-drenched touch to create a glorious retro-future rework.

12inch Melodize: MELOD010 € 12,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L