Fiction Life (Reade Truth)

Basic Moves 17

Fiction Life (Reade Truth) - Basic Moves 17

''Reade Truth, what's in the name one may ask? For starters, a thirty plus year history in the NYC techno scene and a fellow techno junkie who we crossed paths with in Brooklyn very early on during the beginnings of the genre. From the moment we met in 1992 it has been nothing short of a full on family affair. Reade's dedication towards techno and his knowledge of the music is surpassed by few. It is mind-blowing to think he built the world's first techno discography database back in 1995 for the Sonic Groove Record shop. This was long before Discogs was even a thought. As an artist and DJ, Truth also represents a truly pure and untainted artist, never compromising his vision or integrity for monetary gain. In a scene where many have come and gone over the years, Reade is always here, a true techno eternalist.'' Adam X/Sonic Groove

2x12inch Basic Moves: BM017 remind