Jeff Mills

Metropolis Metropolis

Jeff Mills - Metropolis Metropolis

''Metropolis Metropolis'' 3x12'' album is an abbreviated version of the most recent electronic music soundtrack for Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927) by Jeff Mills. Unlike his first soundtrack version (released in 2011) where tracks addressed specific segments of the film in a track listing form, this version is more a symbiotic mix of compositions that proposes a nuanced representation of the plot and storyline.

As an electronic symphonic music creation, Mills proposes a few interesting points in the schematics of this album. First, the positioning and role of the listener as the soundtrack is based on the environment of the scenes, rather than pure transcription and second, as a storyline that takes place in the year 2000, the choice of sound elements refer to some future commonality and foresight between the genres of Classical and Electronic music - between man and machine.

3x12inch Axis: AX107 € 39,99