Phase Fatale

Nailed To The Net

Phase Fatale - Nailed To The Net

BITE label head Phase Fatale aka Hayden Payne drops his first EP in 5 years 'Nailed To The Net' and his first solo release on his own record imprint. The Berghain and Khidi resident develops his sound further into the dancefloor and techno sphere while still maintaining his signature post-punk influence. The innovative techno producer and DJ combines his spectrum of dystopian, gritty, industrial electronics with his deep understanding of synthesis and sound design. This sonic approach is all the more exemplified in Rrose's remix of 'Desecrating Vows'.

The release finds Payne taking his productions to new levels by including different musical elements such as breakbeats, arpeggiations, and massively layered chordal sequences. Reflecting the last year when he produced it in Berlin, injecting all broken hearted emotions from then, each track contains more groove and nuance while having dense, shoegaze-alike atmosphere and melodies. Even containing distant voice and guitar elements, 'Nailed To The Net' maintains his trademark balance between the dancefloor and his eclectic influences.

12inch BITE: BITE025 € 14,99