Rinder & Lewis

Seven Deadly Sins

Rinder & Lewis - Seven Deadly Sins

Laurin Rinder & W Michael Lewis produced many great disco acts in the late 1970's on the AVI and Buterfly disco labels (El Coco, Le Pamplemousse, Tuxedo Junction, Saint Tropez, In Search of.. Orchestra etc.) but it was their own albums that were the real classics. Their best was 1977's electronic disco concept album ''Seven Deadly Sins'' containing such seminal Garage/Loft classics as ''Lust'', ''Greed'' and ''Envy''. Another of the highlights is the incredibly ahead-of-its-time dark proto-techno cut ''Anger'', a massive Ron Hardy/Music Box fave as sampled on ''Tres Demented'' by Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier and re-edited on Moxie #1.

LP RAL: RAL 001 remind