As One


As One - AsOne2

AsOne2 introduces the addition of Catherine Siofra Prendergast to the As One line-up after a series of successful live shows together with Kirk Degiorgio. The live duo entered the studio to focus on adding a melodic sensibility to the harmonic structure of the existing AsOne sound. The resulting album once again finds it perfect home with the Belgian record label De:tuned.

Following on the heels of the teaser EP featuring the duo's acclaimed 'Descent Module' - AsOne2 is a blend of vintage, warm analog gooeyness and pristine post-modern production techniques. Prendergast's melodic additions veers the AsOne sound towards a more accessible arena without compromising on the core AsOne sonic signature. Yearning chords, sparkling lead lines, bubbling funk basslines and ethereal ambient washes merge to form a coherent whole in this new advance in the development of AsOne - now in its 30th year.

2x12inch De:tuned: ASGDE041 € 25,99
2x12inch De:tuned: ASGDE041LTD € 27,99