Anthology of Interest

Quince - Anthology of Interest

Wait, what? A new Quince? Call the newspapers! It has been YEARS since the Dutch techno producer from Utrecht found the peace of mind to actually release something. In fact, the Anthology of Interest EP on the illustrious NOWHERE series is his first proper record in eight years. His daytime job as a medic kept him rather occupied. You might remember those times when there was a pandemic around?

We missed Quince, even though his sound is rather timeless. Fluid Detroit infused techno with pulsating rhythms, alluring keyboard stabs and sultry basslines, like on Ghost In The Machine and the extremely funky The Butterjunk Effect.
Opening track Meanwhile has that hazy peak time feel you love so much while dancing with your eyes closed. But the winner of this very versatile EP may just be Space Pilot 3000. A futuristic and jumpy electro-track where the worlds of Drexciya and Juan Atkins collide in a blinding orange supernova. Can someone call a doctor!

12inch NOWHERE: Nowhere004 € 12,99