Dim Garden

Soleil Tartare

Dim Garden - Soleil Tartare

'Soleil Tartare' is Dim Garden's debut album on Rotterdam's young label Yarrow Ballet. This five-track EP embodies both the depths of Hades' underworld and Helios' realm. The album is a worship of the metaphysical side of nature. The opening track, 'Cunning Morose' evokes incandescence and sun worship. Its propulsive 808 beat and lofty vocals conjure flamboyant pagan ceremonies. The instrumental track 'Golfinho do Rio' is a heroic ode to the infinite sea, combining driving rhythms with new-age-inspired synthesized sea creatures' cries, layered with mighty string melodies. It is followed by the grungy 'In Sorrow', where ghoulish and fiery rebel energy is summoned through ice cold drums, and haunting gothic vocals. The album sees the re-emergence of the blazing sun in the softer and melodic title-track 'Soleil Tartare'. 'Vo?tes et Cercueils' crowns the album with its epic and dramatically ascending polysynth sonic poem.
With her seminal and genre-defying album, Dim Garden brings new and disruptive energy into the hinterlands of electronic music. Her work spawns a distinctive mix of raw electronics, minimal wave, noisy industrial and gothic ballads. Having previously released mostly on digital and cassette tape labels (Nightwind Records, Italo Moderni, Ophism, Hunger!, ClanDestine, tanzprocesz, ERR REC, Ernest D. Tapes etc), Dim Garden's debut vinyl, which collates a variety of influences, is sure to compel listeners with its poetry and awe-inspiring synthesis.

12inch Yarrow Ballet: YABA-001 € 15,99