Tomislav Simovic

Professor Balthazar (Music from the Original TV Series) (OST)

Tomislav Simovic - Professor Balthazar (Music from the Original TV Series) (OST)

Original soundtrack from the animated TV series 'Professor Balthazar' (1967 - 1978) by Tomislav Simovic. Gatefold LP, cut from the original master tapes, liner notes by Zeljko Luketic and exclusive graphics by Boris Stapic. Master tapes were considered lost; now found and restored for this unique release celebrating Yugoslavia's biggest cartoon export of the times. Professor Balthazar was filmed from 1967 to 1978 in Zagreb. It was a huge international success: from large fan base in Scandinavia to broadcasting on USA television and countries like Germany, Italy, UK, France and even Iran. It's still aired on various TV programs and video platforms. Animation style and content is widely praised for being one of the rare cartoons that does not feature any kind of violence or aggression. The character of Professor Balthazar solves problems in a peaceful way. He uses his inventions and science to help his friends. Distinctive visual influence is a crossover of bright, psychedelic colors, weird shapes and naive art, typical for Zagreb School of Animated Film. This soundtrack is mastered from original tapes, composed and conducted by Tomislav Simovic. The music is busy, playful and mixes influences of jazz, modern classical and even electronica. Fox & His Friends Records, also the curators of the largest ever multimedia exhibition on Professor Balthazar series in Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka as a part of the European Capital of Culture program in 2020, present the masters without any interventions in sound. This album cut includes longer rare version of main credits, made exclusively for Zagrebfilmijada, an event of public screenings of Professor Balthazar and other cartoons in cinemas in 1970's Yugoslavia.

LP Fox & His Friends: FOX010LP € 26,99