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Sacred Symbols Of Mu

cover: V/A - Sacred Symbols Of Mu

In the past 3 years since their last compilation ''Children Of Mu'', Planet µ has become one of the most forward looking, respected electronic labels world wide, pushing forward as never before. Here Planet Mu present their 100th release, ''Sacred Symbols Of Mu'', an essential snapshot of where they are in 2006. Featuring 24 exclusive tracks over 2 CD's at a bargain less-than-mid price! Tracks from Dykehouse, Shitmat, Venetian Snares, Leafcutter John, Chevron, Equinox, Boxcutter, The Gasman, Soundmurderer & SK1, Vex'd, Distance, 0=0, Virus Syndicate, Luke Vibert, Daedelus, Edit, Breakage, µ-ZIQ, Equinox, Mileece and many others...

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