Kasra V

Flood The Club

Kasra V - Flood The Club

Kasra V is here to engulf the club.

Fresh off the success of his recent release on Radiant Records titled "Hyperdelic," Kasra is submerging listeners with a signature sound touching on dance music visions from different epochs but harnessing a unique aural palette.

Kasra applies cut up techniques with sampling and utilizing his own voice as a tool throughout the record, topping the club energy with a punk rock sensibility.

Equal parts eccentric and equal parts calculated, the tempest of this record is doused in wild elements: anthemic vocal samples with arena shaking capabilities, 80's hedonistic nostalgia, catchy utopian vibrations with a psychedelic cyber flair, flirting with inspiration from groups like Meat Beat Manifesto and YMO. Euphoric and aerated, but with a slicing undertone utilizing his freaky sampling prowess.

Shaytoon is proud to present the next chapter of diaspora alchemy for your listening pleasure.

Prepare for a flood.

12inch Shaytoon: SHAY006 € 12,99