Kessler - Lunar

Rotterdam-based Kessler coming in strong with his latest project, Elicit Records! His very own record label with the first release from his own studio, exploring the realms of intricate drum & bass, futuristic IDM, and synth-laden post-dubstep.
The Irish producer's continues his sonic endeavor into high-tempo, emotionally driven music. 'Lunar' bridges the gap with anthemic melodies & cutthroat, meticulous breakbeat programming synonymous of Kessler's signature, garnished with flourishes of sombre tones & cinematic impacts, seamlessly tying together this body of work.
The birth of Elicit, co-founded alongside longtime friend & collaborator, Koboro, and this Lunar Ep is another step into Kessler's musical journey. Recommended!

12inch Elicit Records: ELCT01 € 13,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L