Gifted & Blessed

Heard & Unheard

Gifted & Blessed - Heard & Unheard

Ten reflective and hypnotic tracks, with an emphasis on texture and atmosphere, by Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker. GB is one of our favourite producers and his output pretty much always lives up to the high expectations. This album is no different. Both music to lose yourself to, and music to get lost in...

In addition to producing electronic music as Gifted & Blessed since the early 2000s, he has dabbled with many other aliases over the years: as Frankie Reyes, he explores his Puerto Rican heritage by playing Latin standards and originals on vintage keyboard instruments; as The Abstract Eye and The Reflektor, he creates dancefloor anthems with electronic hardware; and as GB and Julian Abelar, he's released sample-based productions and techno adjacent dance music.

''Heard & Unheard'' distills years of making music in a variety of styles and under different names into a singular statement.

LP Stones Throw: STH2485 € 29,99