Over The Counter Culture Vol. 4

V/A - Over The Counter Culture Vol. 4

The final round in the masterfully selected series. once again delivers four unearthly slices of hormone-injected, malfunctioning-machine funk of the future and beyond!! Dystopian melodies and gurgling basslines delivered this time from elite spacebar units: Limbertimbre, Confutatis, Jade One and Datassette. A perfect end to a series, and the beginning of a truly demented future. Jean-Paul Bondy (‘Volum' of ‘Volsoc' fame) and Dave Paton (Wee DJs) deliver to you, the mass consumer of electronic musical oddities, the final release in this adventurous series on his new label and host of many twisted, dark and glitchy adventures into future electro music... Clear Vinyl Pressing

12inch Spacebar Sentiments: Spacebar Sentiments 004 remind