Black Devil Disco Club

28 After

Black Devil Disco Club - 28 After

Great new (!?) release by the Obscure Black Devil Disco Club. When 'Timing, Forget the Timing' was unearthed by Rephlex many doubted it's authenticity. Tthis new mini-album should set the rumour-mongers to rest as it collects six additional tracks from the last surviving member of the band Bernard Fevre. It's not really known whether Fevre produced these tunes back then or whether he's fired up his Moogs since, but to be honest, it hardly matters. Analogue sounds bubble and throb like the 80's never happened and the disco sound soars as you never believed it could. A soundtrack to your seedy night-time adventures. Bernard Fevre has just managed to make yet another essential selection of dancefloor anthems. Let's hope the next one doesn't take another 28 years!

LP Lo recordings: Lo Recordings lp58 remind
CD Lo recordings: Lo Recordings cd58 remind
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