Melody Boy 2000

Monotone Fantastique

Melody Boy 2000 - Monotone Fantastique

Futuro is back with a doubledecker of classic Detroit influenced technohouse by none other than Kim Rapatti aka Mono Junk (Styrax/Dum) in his Melody Boy 2000 disguise. Influenced by the Sähkö sound, Mono Junk released Monotone Fantastique in 1994 on his DUM-Records label (DUM-014) on a limited 12'' which has become a classic. Almost 12 years later and Futuro is picking this gem up from Kim straight from his Master DAT tape. Newly mastered! The B-side features 2 new productions. ''Sound Stealer'' is more geared towards the dancefloor, it features deep eerie vocals and machine-alike drum programming while ''Silent Mornings'' is more of an early morning electro crooner.

12inch Futuro: Futuro 002 remind