Seymour Bits

Hit Me With Technology ep

Seymour Bits - Hit Me With Technology ep

Some Bas Bron Funk for you!! ''Hit Me With Technology'',do you remember The Time? , now imagine them jamming with Thomas Dolby and Dopplereffekt. ''The Bits, Baby'', Teddy Riley Nu Jack Swing meets slowed-down Detroit electrobass with a big slice of 21st century chart pop and Seymour Bits on vocals. ''All Alone'', the perfect 80s synth-funk B-Side. This track features one of the greatest synth solos ever commited to the vinyl medium. ''800713'', in which Seymour takes the doddering old pimp known as ''Booty Bass'' and gives him a funk shot in the ass... funky wah-wah clavinet over a rubberized bassline and a very fast drum pattern. By the way this track was made by Seymour Bits and not just sampled off and old Ohio Players record and speeded up.

12inch Breakin' Records: BRK041 remind