Baby Kate (Remixes)

Heartthrob - Baby Kate (Remixes)

The EP kicks off with Magda's beautifully crafted, percussive dub, complete with morphing, distorted motif, bouncing acid bass and subtle use of space. Then there's Konrad Black's energetic signal to rave, with it's gated hookline, phat electro bass and nu school flavor. On the flip you'll find the seductive tones and monotonous, rolling groove of Sascha Funke. With it's blissed out bassline, skanking hi-hat patterns and hypnotic melody. The EP concludes with the fever created by Plastikman's night dive into the track's murkiest depths. It's an eight minute subsonic adventure that leaves you lost at the other end of a deja vu.

12inch Minus: Minus048 remind
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