Calabi Yau Space

Dopplereffekt - Calabi Yau Space

This album is a perfect sequel to 'Linear Accelerator', the last album under the Dopplereffkt moniker (released in 2003) and accompanies this year's classic retrospective 'Gesamtkunstwerk' from Clone. Musically, it follows a more ambient/ soundscape/ experimental/ electronic course akin to Der Zyklus 'Biometry' project or even Rephlex's 'Quantum Transposition' produced by Arpanet late 2005. The album features exclusive artwork under licence from CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory.

CD Rephlex: CAT191CD remind
2LP Rephlex: CAT191LP remind
2LP Rephlex: CAT191LP (Warehouse find - box 10) remind