The Tuss

Rushup Edge

The Tuss - Rushup Edge

Debut album from by-now-not-quite-so-mysterious 'new' Rephlex signing The Tuss (Cornish for erection)... you know who he is... starts with an A ends with Twin. Expect strange pitch shifty things, little voicy things, very funky breakbeaty drum machinery, spooky pads, tuff rhythms, princey funk with top claps, classy anthems, lush piano's, death fuck mental beats, double speed hip hop dnb style, mellow and lush...

3x12inch Rephlex: Rephlex CAT 189lp remind
CD Rephlex: Rephlex CAT 189cd remind
3x12inch Rephlex: Rephlex CAT 189lp (Near Mint) remind
3x12inch Rephlex: CAT189LP (Warehouse find - box 01) remind