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Yasuaki Shimizu - Music For Commercials

Yasuaki Shimizu

Music For Commercials

Yasuaki is fairly known because of Kakashi, he released plenty of other music thats stunning as well.. This is one those works - having achieved near-... more...

2LP Crammed Discs: MTMLP12 € 27,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Brahms - 3rd Symphony


3rd Symphony

Frei aber froh! This was the motto of Johannes Brahms (1833-1897): ''Free but happy!'' The Romantic composer formulated it in response to his friend J... more...

LP + Download Edit.Futurum: OPUS3 € 29,99

V - Confusion EP


Confusion EP

We welcome back V to Nautilus Rising with his unique and innovative take on contemporary club music. After a string of high quality releases on Cin Ci... more...

12inch Nautilus Rising: NR06 € 10,99




After 1/2 GOTT comes GOTT. Once again, Sneaker from Dresden/Berlin and Scannoir from Zurich have locked themselves up in the studio to translate their... more...

12inch Uncanny Valley: UV051 € 12,49

Diode / Grumptronix - Hexafunk / Nightmoves 1

Diode / Grumptronix

Hexafunk / Nightmoves 1

The first in Wormhole Wisdom's trio of Grumptronix / Diode represses contains two highly sought after cuts from Diode and on the B-side, a previously... more...

12inch Wormhole Wisdom: WORMO2.1 € 9,99

Negroni Nails - Negroni Nails EP

Negroni Nails

Negroni Nails EP

Steffi and Privacy team up for a tough as nails 3 tracker on Klakson. High octane, fast paced Electro Techno in the best Detroit tradition.

12inch Klakson: kl-nr2 remind

I Murdered, Orphx, JK Flesh - Blood In Blood Out

I Murdered, Orphx, JK Flesh

Blood In Blood Out

Fierce acid and techno cuts by I Murdered, Berlin local Janice and US-born, Berlin-relocated Luis Flores reignite the flame with their hardline second... more...

12inch Reclaim Your City: RYCL011 remind

Delta Funktionen - North Point EP

Delta Funktionen

North Point EP

CE is proud to announce this new release from long standing Dutch electronics purveyor and Tresor resident Delta Funktionen. 4 tracks of deep and head... more...

EP Cultivated Electronics: CE032 € 10,99

Freak The Machine - Am I Dead?

Freak The Machine

Am I Dead?

A new hot plate from zombie town! No place is safe and they are everywhere... This dream is real; the zombie apocalypse is a go. Am I dead? If not bet... more...

12inch Murdercapital: M013 € 10,49

Nick Klein - Jesus Take The Wheel

Nick Klein

Jesus Take The Wheel

Jezus behind the wheel with Big Nick on the back seat cruising through techno town with this typical The Hague sounding 4 tracker. No stopping for an... more...

12inch Viewlexx: V029 € 10,49

Lost Trax - Surface Treated

Lost Trax

Surface Treated

Unknown collective Lost Trax return for a third EP on Delsin following two previous outings since 2017. Also releasing on the likes of Tabernacle and... more...

12inch Delsin: 139DSR € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ulla Straus / Oceanic - Plafond 4

Ulla Straus / Oceanic

Plafond 4

The fourth Plafond sees fine-crafted contrasting pieces complement each other in courtesy of Ulla Straus and Oceanic. Along the wide arbitrary landsca... more...

LP BAKK: BAKKplafond4 € 13,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Stephen Lopkin - Submission EP

Stephen Lopkin

Submission EP

Following his fine 2018 work on M>O>S and Distant Worlds, Glasgow-built Stephen Lopkin delivers big here as the latest home recruit for Seventh Sign R... more...

12inch Seventh Sign Recordings: 7SR032 € 9,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Symptoms of Love - Eye Contact

Symptoms of Love

Eye Contact

''Eye Contact'' is the World's first look at Detroit's Symptoms of Love. Ryan Spencer (of Freakish Pleasures) and Ben Christensen (co-head of Sector 7... more...

12inch Sobo: SOBO-009 € 9,99

Eddie Fowlkes - Epsom / Mar, Mar

Eddie Fowlkes

Epsom / Mar, Mar

Driving melodic techno cuts by Detroit techno legend Eddie Fowlkes.

12inch Detroit Wax: DW016 remind

Proxyan - Network 313


Network 313

Proxyan’s productions are both slinky and funky, with much attention to detail and rhythm. The fascination for Motor City funk is most apparent in ‘Ne... more...

12inch Something Happening Somewhere: SoHaSo024 remind

Amato - Funk & Fear (Umwelt remix)


Funk & Fear (Umwelt remix)

For all you Potatoheads out there. C'est l'invasion francaise! Grinding NEO-EBM by the Dauphinois Amato with a remix by the Lyonnais Umwelt. Brought t... more...

12inch Return To Disorder: RTTD014 € 12,49

Rare Silk - Storm

Rare Silk


Be With Records and Emotional Rescue team up to present a special release of US jazz vocal group Rare Silk and their cult song, Storm.

10inch Emotional Rescue: BEWITH01TEN / ERC065 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Squirrels On Acid

Various Artists

Squirrels On Acid

In the era of micro dosing, Squirrels On Film will provide you with a generous portion of the good stuff. Build your Acid House into an Acid Pleasure... more...

12inch Squirrels On Film: SOFWHITE002 remind

Roy Of The Ravers  - Who Are Ya??

Roy Of The Ravers

Who Are Ya??

Lock up your 303s, Roy Of The Ravers is back with a brand spanking new album and it's quite possibly his strongest and wrongest to date! Following a l... more...

LP Acid Waxa: ACIWAX18 € 22,99

Heap - Beat Nouveau EP (Gamma Intel remix)


Beat Nouveau EP (Gamma Intel remix)

Vienna-based DJ and producer, Heap, lands on Mechatronica White with a radiant and hypnotic vision of forward thinking dance music, assisted by Gamma... more...

12inch MTRONW005: MTRONW005 € 9,99

Vintage Future - Dookie Machine

Vintage Future

Dookie Machine

Flint, Michigan. Home of the longest on going water poisoning crisis in the world. Mark Taylor takes on the government neglect of his people with a so... more...

12inch Underground Resistance: UR088 € 16,99

Underground Resistance - Riot

Underground Resistance


One of the many early cornerstones from the Underground Resistance back catalogue. Hard-as-nails, no-frills, acid techno from The Motor City's finest... more...

12inch Underground Resistance: UR010 (re-press) € 15,99

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DAWL - Time To Throw Down EP


Time To Throw Down EP

UK hardcore alumni DAWL joins Craigie Knowes for the 19th EP on the varied Scottish imprint. 'Let's Go' blends breaks and acid while 'Drop It' and 'He... more...

12inch Craigie Knowes: CKNOWEP19 remind

Unit Moebius Anonymous - Record

Unit Moebius Anonymous


A series of repetitive chunks of rhythmic information manufactured into a product that challenges the oppression of service and safety. It's Unit Mo... more...

12inch Chans: Chans05 € 8,99

Salamandos - The World To Come


The World To Come

Re-issue! New Salamandos (aka Legowelt) pt 2! More twisted lo-fi Chi-funk from the sewer... Jack!

12inch Bunker: B3076 € 10,99

Teknospray - God In Land


God In Land

Der Klang Records is a new sub label from Disordine. Active on late 70s / early 80s Teknospray were formed by Andrea Costa, Mauro Tavella (who later... more...

LP Der Klang: Derklang01 € 8,99