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Leo - Apnea G


Apnea G

Debut EP from Milan newcomer Leo, crossing the borders between emotion and hypnosis. Limited to 150 hand-numbered copies, housed in semi-transparent a... more...

12inch SURVIVE Ltd.: DSP4000 remind

Teslasonic - BAR Records 05


BAR Records 05

BAR05 by Italian MinimalRome affiliate Teslasonic. Stunning Electro cuts including a mesmerizing remix by Rotterdam favourites Animistic Beliefs. more...

12inch BAR Records: BAR05 € 9,99

Unknown Artists - Gomma Piuma

Unknown Artists

Gomma Piuma

art-aud launches new sister label Diskos Santos and bring to light this mysterious group for a double tracker of psychedelic funk on 7". Limited Editi... more...

7inch Diskos Santos: DS001 € 12,99

Vanligt Folk - Allt Ente

Vanligt Folk

Allt Ente

Allt E'nte is a reaction to the emerging expectation on politicization of music. a respons to the demand and implicit condition to be current, relevan... more...

LP Kontra Musik: KM056/KESS12 € 11,99

Ike Release - Prophecies EP

Ike Release

Prophecies EP

Compression and expansion, focus and surrender, tension and release - the elusive state of balance is less of an inert, perfect condition than it is a... more...

EP Episodes: Episodes009 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Noah Gibson - Press On

Noah Gibson

Press On

Noah Gibson marks his first appearance on North Electronics with an EP of plaintive meditations on his innermost causes and conflicts. Acidic enthusia... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE72 € 14,99

CA2+ - Overtone Widow


Overtone Widow

The enduring balance and precision fractures in CA2+'s earlier works for Northern Electronics only hint at the ferocity of his latest release, 'Overto... more...

LP Northern Electronics: NE70 € 14,99

Wedding Acid Group - Easid Bits EP (incl. EOD and Ryan James Ford Remixes)

Wedding Acid Group

Easid Bits EP (incl. EOD and Ryan James Ford Remixes)

art-aud is proud to welcome to the label the legendary hungarian trio and acid boyband, Wedding Acid Group, for the first output of the new year! They... more...

12inch Art-Aud: A-A05 remind

Makaton - Crime Wave


Crime Wave

Following his last EP for the label, "Immaculata", VOITAX mainstay Makaton returns to form with his second solo EP - "Crime Wave". His meticulously cr... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI019 € 9,99

Beatrice Dillon - Workaround

Beatrice Dillon


‘Workaround’ is the singular debut album proper by Beatrice Dillon; an eminent rhythm fiend whose productions and DJ sets are prized for her patient,... more...

LP Pan: Pan106 remind

Various Artists - Systems

Various Artists


Originally released via Terraform Records in 1995, ‘Systems E.P. 1’ was certainly too ahead of its time to meet with success back in the day. That sai... more...

12inch Kalahari Oyster Cult: OYSTER22 remind

Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle

''Marcos Valle is one of the few artists you cannot miss if you have the slightest interest in Brazilian music. Whether your taste is focused on bossa... more...

LP Vampi Soul: VAMPI215 remind

Various Artists - Ninja Tools Vol.4

Various Artists

Ninja Tools Vol.4

It’s that time of the year again! The ninja tools series continues and this time it’s double pleasure on the menu. 10 Different dishes cooked by 10 di... more...

2x12inch Lumbago: LMBG08 remind

Alec Falconer - 2XGREEN

Alec Falconer


Alec Falconer delivers two cuts inspired by the nightclubs of Georgia. Weighty tools designed for the dancefloor.

12inch 2X: 2XGREEN € 11,99


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Composite Profuse - Roma Aeterna

Composite Profuse

Roma Aeterna

2020 Repress! Dopplereffekt-style sinister robot electro by MinimalRome's head honcho... more...

12inch Bunker: B3065 € 10,99

Lawrence - Moonlight



Deep lush tracks by Lawrence who didnt loose his magic! Fine tracks with subtile basslines and spaced out melodies and sounds to drift away by! Recomm... more...

12inch Giegling: Glg027 remind

Pearl River Sound - Obsessions EP

Pearl River Sound

Obsessions EP

Minimalistic analordesque riddims combining IDM, acid and techno elements. Limited to vinyl only with giant X-shaped insert sticker. 200 copies, no re... more...

EP SURVIVE Ltd.: BD955 € 10,99