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Unknown Artists - Wave Emoji / Fuoriorario

Unknown Artists

Wave Emoji / Fuoriorario

New series of limited, special and secret 7inches on Art-Aud. Various artists will contribute to this new chapter by remaining anonymous. 2 artists -... more...

7inch Art-Aud: XXX01 € 12,99

Unknown Artists - Joint Venture ( incl. Thee J Johanz Version)

Unknown Artists

Joint Venture ( incl. Thee J Johanz Version)

Limited edition marbled blue/yellow vinyl. Diskos Santos serie continues its journey in the search of funny crossover experimentation groups between... more...

7inch Diskos Santos: DS02 € 12,99

Unknown Artists - Yes We Dance

Unknown Artists

Yes We Dance

Inspired by the decades of Electronic Dance Music and not the trends of today Yes We Dance aims to keep the real Underground in your mind. It goes thr... more...

12inch Yes We Dance: YWD001 remind

Unknown Artists - Delicate Wash 02

Unknown Artists

Delicate Wash 02

Delicate Wash presents its second fine selection of gentle cuts. This time it will take you on a 80's electronic funk adventure filled with analog dru... more...

12inch Delicate Wash: Wash02 remind

Unknown Artists - RHB4 / Phisik 002

Unknown Artists

RHB4 / Phisik 002

Native Response returns with two cuts that were found just too good to gather dust for any time longer. Unknown artists collaborate on this ep for a d... more...

12inch Native Response: NR999 remind

Unknown Artists - Schenkelspreizer Vol. 9

Unknown Artists

Schenkelspreizer Vol. 9

A Day Without Spreizer Is Like A Day Without Tiramisu!

12inch Schenkelspreizer: SCHENKEL009 € 10,49

Unknown Artists - Cheeky / Weeping Funk (Andrea Passenger remixes)

Unknown Artists

Cheeky / Weeping Funk (Andrea Passenger remixes)

2022 welcomes the first 7” on the label with two hot smoking tunes ready for the summer. “Cheeky” brings in some stomping latin-tinged rare groove and... more...

7inch Light Touches Records: LTR06 € 13,99

Unknown Artists - Om Unit edits vol.1

Unknown Artists

Om Unit edits vol.1

Om Unit (aka Philip D Kick) delivers a 10″ pressing of 2 edits, namely Vibes Is Right, and Power Of Love. 2 beautiful beat-less tracks taken int... more...

10inch OM Edit: Omed001 remind

Unknown artists - Ossa Jams 1

Unknown artists

Ossa Jams 1

Cuts from live recorded jam sessions straight out of Berlin's sweet armpits.

12inch 777 Recordings: 777-01 remind

Unknown Artists - Love Saves The Day

Unknown Artists

Love Saves The Day

Underground disco classics played at the LOFT (NYC)

12inch Love Saves The Day: LSD1 € 11,98

Unknown Artists - Time To Know Yourself

Unknown Artists

Time To Know Yourself

TheMostHigh is back with a limited skankin' Dub Reggae release.

10inch single sided TheMostHigh: TheMostHigh005 remind

Unknown Artists - MULEN 007

Unknown Artists


180 heavy black vinyl. Polylined innersleeve and amazing full color artwork.

12inch Mulen: MULENV007 remind

Unknown Artists - Gomma Piuma

Unknown Artists

Gomma Piuma

art-aud launches new sister label Diskos Santos and bring to light this mysterious group for a double tracker of psychedelic funk on 7". Limited Editi... more...

7inch Diskos Santos: DS001 € 12,99

Unknown Artists - Dry Cry

Unknown Artists

Dry Cry

Coki's AWD label. Limited one sided white label.

12inch AWD Records: AWD003 remind

Artists Unknown - Secret

Artists Unknown


Limited 4th release on the Secretsundaze label by some artists in disguise. Deeper house cuts with nice vibes on this extremely limited stamped white... more...

12inch Secretsundaze: Secret004p remind

Unknown Artists - Light Touches 04

Unknown Artists

Light Touches 04

Sunny vibes in the middle of the winter with three hot smoking tunes, from clavinet-driven groove of “Hustler”, to the uptempo soulful disco roller of... more...

12inch Light Touches Records: LTR-04 remind

Unknown - Spirit of Boston


Spirit of Boston

Spirit of Boston Vinyl Only!

12inch Unknown: BWHT01 remind

Unknown - Holy Invasion edits


Holy Invasion edits

Warning…Electrifying! Moxie takes you on an outer space 80s electro jam. There’s the uptempo female version and the more mid tempo male version. Warni... more...

12inch Moxie: Moxie021 € 6,99

Unknown - Dream Visions / Dream Version


Dream Visions / Dream Version

The Canadian one dollar coin, commonly called the loonie, is a gold-coloured one-dollar coin introduced in 1987. It bears images of a common loon, a b... more...

12inch Loonie Bin: Loon001 remind

Unknown - Knowone 10


Knowone 10

The final part in the series? Part 10 with cool dubby techno tracks. Wont be in stock for too long!

12inch Knowone: KO010 remind

Unknown - Grossstadtlichter (Kinky Lovers edit)


Grossstadtlichter (Kinky Lovers edit)

Ok so here's the last installment in the Creme JAK series. We feel there's not much to add to this concept and over the past few years this kinda musi... more...

12inch Creme: Crjak014 remind

Unknown - Higher



100 limited copies, no repress and vinyl only. 90’s old school house groovin biz.

12inch Sound Of Vast: SOVX002 remind

Unknown - 313 / 212


313 / 212

2 amazingly warm and deep analog Detroit & Chicago tracks... Word on the street is these were produced in the late eighties and never released before.

12inch Emotions Electric: EE313/212 remind

Unknown - House Be Good To Me / Dance


House Be Good To Me / Dance

Warm sounding and phat grooving old school tracks that bring back the good old memories and the pure bliss of club house music on this release from Cy... more...

12inch Lezar: Lezar001 remind

(unknown) - Turnmoil



Harbour City smack ghetto techno tracks by this (un)known artist.. Stamped white-label issue.

12inch 7ZL: 7ZL001 remind

Unknown - Camouflage Edits Vol.1


Camouflage Edits Vol.1

4 Disco-Edits on this first volume, all extended in the most respectful way to the original tracks. No filters, no gimmicks, just pure Disco in the tr... more...

12inch Camouflage Edits: CamoEdits001 € 8,99

Unknown  - The Secret Initiative


The Secret Initiative

The Secret Initiative return with the latest chapter in the series. Going for a classic Detroit and Chicago Techno House vibe. ''East of the Northern... more...

12inch The Secret Initiative: TSI005 (66802) remind

Unknown - Traversable Wormhole vol. 5


Traversable Wormhole vol. 5

Darker haunting techno tracks from unknown source. En Vogue with the current revival of raw stripped techno tracks.

12inch Traversable Wormhole: TW005 remind

Unknown - Rave Archive 01


Rave Archive 01

Peak-time rave cuts produced by an anonymous producer from Amsterdam.

12inch Rave Archive: RA01 € 12,49

Unknown - NYC Loft Trax


NYC Loft Trax

Unreleased 1991 – 1995 NY house tracks that never got released before. According the distribution text produced by 2 welknown producers from the Big A... more...

12inch Nu groove: NYC101 remind

Unknown - Edits, Reworks & Sounds
12inch Boot: Boot01 remind

Unknown  - Traversable Wormhole Vol.6


Traversable Wormhole Vol.6

Dark haunting techno tracks from this obscure label form New York.

12inch Traversable Wormhole: TW006 remind

Unknown - 001-004



Little to nothing is known about the mysterious producer and their track titles are just as vague, consisting merely of numbers.

12inch Champion Sound: Championsound003 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown - Seldom Felt 6


Seldom Felt 6

Seldom Felt bring the euphoria like no other, with two more unknown Techno killers just in time for the long hot nights.

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom006 remind

Unknown - White Rabbit / Mister Speaker


White Rabbit / Mister Speaker

Nice house tracks that are using parts of some well known songs... Nice fat dubby house grooves and excellent tracks that will be bringing much fun o... more...

12inch Einfach: Einfach003 remind

Unknown - I Lost My Shoes On Acid


I Lost My Shoes On Acid

Highly limited mysterious acid madness served up on a one sided platter. No idea who's behind this but it absolutely rocks. Very very very limited... more...

One sided 12 Red7: Red7 remind

Unknown - PaperBack Issue 1
12inch PaperBack: PB001 remind

Unknown - #4



Minimal stripped down jacking Chicago rooted tracks. Parts 1 and 2 already managed to create a small buzz, and so will this one. Basic tracks that are... more...

12inch Itsnotover: Itsnotover004 remind

Unknown - Jack The Mack 2
12inch Unknown Chicago: Unknown Chicago 2 remind

Unknown - World Sonik Domination Volume Two ?


World Sonik Domination Volume Two ?

Missing release from the Generator catalogue... according to Discogs. Three tracks, not sure who made them. Probably released as a test pressing only.... more...

12inch Generator: GEN023 remind

Unknown - Unknown



Mysterious club bonker.

One sided 12 Secret 1: SECRET001RP € 11,99

Unknown - Seldom Felt 5


Seldom Felt 5

Seldom Felt are injecting the fun back into Techno with this epic remix of a dearly departed Disco diva. Limited edition and one sided.

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom005 remind

Unknown - Toolwaxx 2
12inch Toolwaxx: Toolwaxx002 € 9,99

Unknown - My Rules 1


My Rules 1

MY RULES kicks off with a duo of expertly extended and amended, lost Disco & Funk workouts which are pure psychedelic Loft beauties As with C.O.M.B... more...

12inch Various US re-edits: MR001 remind