Artist: Unknown Artists - All

Artists Unknown - Secret

Artists Unknown


Limited 4th release on the Secretsundaze label by some artists in disguise. Deeper house cuts with nice vibes on this extremely limited stamped white... more...

12inch Secretsundaze: Secret004p remind

Unknown Artists - Time To Know Yourself

Unknown Artists

Time To Know Yourself

TheMostHigh is back with a limited skankin' Dub Reggae release.

10inch TheMostHigh: TheMostHigh005 € 11,99

Unknown Artists - Love Saves The Day

Unknown Artists

Love Saves The Day

Underground disco classics played at the LOFT (NYC)

12inch Love Saves The Day: LSD1 € 11,98

Unknown Artists - Wave Emoji / Fuoriorario

Unknown Artists

Wave Emoji / Fuoriorario

New series of limited, special and secret 7inches on Art-Aud. Various artists will contribute to this new chapter by remaining anonymous. 2 artists -... more...

7inch Art-Aud: XXX01 € 12,99

Unknown Artists - Once Upon A Time In Palingtown
12inch Paling Trax: PALINGLTD001 € 9,99

Unknown Artists - Om Unit edits vol.1

Unknown Artists

Om Unit edits vol.1

Om Unit (aka Philip D Kick) delivers a 10″ pressing of 2 edits, namely Vibes Is Right, and Power Of Love. 2 beautiful beat-less tracks taken int... more...

10inch OM Edit: Omed001 remind

Unknown Artists - Delicate Wash 02

Unknown Artists

Delicate Wash 02

Delicate Wash presents its second fine selection of gentle cuts. This time it will take you on a 80's electronic funk adventure filled with analog dru... more...

12inch Delicate Wash: Wash02 remind

Unknown Artists - Schenkelspreizer Vol. 9

Unknown Artists

Schenkelspreizer Vol. 9

A Day Without Spreizer Is Like A Day Without Tiramisu!

12inch Schenkelspreizer: SCHENKEL009 € 10,49

Unknown Artists - Gomma Piuma

Unknown Artists

Gomma Piuma

art-aud launches new sister label Diskos Santos and bring to light this mysterious group for a double tracker of psychedelic funk on 7". Limited Editi... more...

7inch Diskos Santos: DS001 € 12,99

Unknown Artists - Light Touches 04

Unknown Artists

Light Touches 04

Sunny vibes in the middle of the winter with three hot smoking tunes, from clavinet-driven groove of “Hustler”, to the uptempo soulful disco roller of... more...

12inch Light Touches Records: LTR-04 remind

Unknown Artists - MULEN 007

Unknown Artists


180 heavy black vinyl. Polylined innersleeve and amazing full color artwork.

12inch Mulen: MULENV007 remind

Unknown Artists - Dry Cry

Unknown Artists

Dry Cry

Coki's AWD label. Limited one sided white label.

12inch AWD Records: AWD003 remind

Unknown artists - Ossa Jams 1

Unknown artists

Ossa Jams 1

Cuts from live recorded jam sessions straight out of Berlin's sweet armpits.

12inch 777 Recordings: 777-01 remind

Unknown Artists - Yes We Dance

Unknown Artists

Yes We Dance

Inspired by the decades of Electronic Dance Music and not the trends of today Yes We Dance aims to keep the real Underground in your mind. It goes thr... more...

12inch Yes We Dance: YWD001 remind

Unknown Artists - RHB4 / Phisik 002

Unknown Artists

RHB4 / Phisik 002

Native Response returns with two cuts that were found just too good to gather dust for any time longer. Unknown artists collaborate on this ep for a d... more...

12inch Native Response: NR999 remind

Unknown Artists - Joint Venture ( incl. Thee J Johanz Version)

Unknown Artists

Joint Venture ( incl. Thee J Johanz Version)

Limited edition marbled blue/yellow vinyl. Diskos Santos serie continues its journey in the search of funny crossover experimentation groups between... more...

7inch Diskos Santos: DS02 € 12,99

Unknown - Skala



Warm house by new German label Skala Records.

12inch Skala Records: skala001 remind

Unknown - Get Down / Nobody's Truth


Get Down / Nobody's Truth

not much information on this one... except for the fact that the opening track is a sick cut that will cause some damage! Wierd shuffling beats and dr... more...

10inch Capital Bass: CB001 remind

Unknown - NYC Loft Trax


NYC Loft Trax

Unreleased 1991 – 1995 NY house tracks that never got released before. According the distribution text produced by 2 welknown producers from the Big A... more...

12inch Nu groove: NYC101 remind

Unknown - Untitled



The obscure sister of Wandering Eye. Strictly limited musical oddities with no artist or title.

12inch Wandering Eye: Eye01 € 11,49

Unknown - Bonnie & Clyde ( A Mountain of One rework)


Bonnie & Clyde ( A Mountain of One rework)

Phat disco rework of thuis mysterious track by A Mountain of One. Highly limited edition one sided white vinyl. Get this while you can.

12inch Various UK re-releases: Bonnie01 remind

Unknown - Traversable Wormhole Vol.3


Traversable Wormhole Vol.3

Deep dark forward thinking techno tracks on this nice serie!

12inch Traversable Wormhole: TW003 remind

Unknown - Holy Invasion edits


Holy Invasion edits

Warning…Electrifying! Moxie takes you on an outer space 80s electro jam. There’s the uptempo female version and the more mid tempo male version. Warni... more...

12inch Moxie: Moxie021 remind

Unknown - The Secret Initiative


The Secret Initiative

TSI returns with more dark , deep hypnotic hard techno goodness this latest installment of TSI that somehow reminds on some early Unit Moebius works f... more...

12inch The Secret Initiative: TSI003 € 5,99

Unknown - #5



The fifth installment in the Itsnotover series. No further info on the producer, but another fine piece of Chicago rooted house tracks, stripped to th... more...

12inch Itsnotover: Itsnotover005 € 8,99

Unknown - Rave Archive 01


Rave Archive 01

Peak-time rave cuts produced by an anonymous producer from Amsterdam.

12inch Rave Archive: RA01 € 12,49

Unknown - For Real - Korg M1


For Real - Korg M1

Early-Mid 90's retro styled house tracks that bring back the good memories of Mark Kinchen and Chez Damier releases. Cool release for all the house he... more...

12inch Rootz: Rootz02 remind

Unknown - Uprock 3000


Uprock 3000

New label run by prolific french producer who revisited tools classic from 90’s. He deliveries his personal favorites tracks in updated remix/edit ve... more...

12inch Uprock 3000: Uprock3000 remind

Unknown - Mandragora ep


Mandragora ep

Dub Techno piece from the top drawer of a rather well known, but perhaps deliberately shy producer. Hand stamped and individually sealed with a white... more...

12inch 1XA: 1XA001 remind

Unknown - Distant Planet (Star Trek Version)


Distant Planet (Star Trek Version)

Holy mackerel Jakman, what in the hell is going on here?? Ensuing mysteries as this mix rocks on at warp speed, scorching the rings of the cosmic onio... more...

12inch Creme: Crjak013 € 8,99

Unknown - No. 9997


No. 9997

Third issue by Stablo, limited as usual!

12inch Stablo: Stablo9997 remind

Unknown - Juerga/ Jocosco


Juerga/ Jocosco

Clean house tools from this obscure Berlin label... as with the first three releases.. this won't be repressed!

12inch Joke: Joke004 remind

Unknown - PaperBack Issue 1
12inch PaperBack: PB001 remind

Unknown - B-ball Joints


B-ball Joints

The oddly named ''B-Ball Joints'' make their group debut on DITN with four tracks spanning between dense machine driven beatless pulsations to industr... more...

12inch Dog In The Night: DIN004 € 7,99

Unknown - Traversable Wormhole Vol.4


Traversable Wormhole Vol.4

Opening up for the dancefloor with the main cut. Get sucked into the Wormhole for Volume 4. Volumes 1-2 and 3 have been charted everywhere. Buzzed and... more...

12inch Traversable Wormhole: TW004 remind

Unknown - Oh Oh


Oh Oh

Catchy House track that is big with many club jocks such as Luciano and Villalobos.

12inch Unknown: ????? remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Unknown - White Rabbit / Mister Speaker


White Rabbit / Mister Speaker

Nice house tracks that are using parts of some well known songs... Nice fat dubby house grooves and excellent tracks that will be bringing much fun o... more...

12inch Einfach: Einfach003 remind

Unknown - Knowone 08


Knowone 08

The No8 in the Knowone series... more smoking hot dub techno tracks from this unknown source. Lmd as always. Comes on White Marmbled vinyl.

12inch Knowone: KO008 remind

Unknown - Unbalance #2


Unbalance #2

Effective and powerfull dub techno tracks building on the heritage of Basic Channel and the likes. Comes as transparent vinyl, white labeled hand stam... more...

12inch Unbalance: Unbalance002 remind

Unknown - Kerri



This is the debut track from a young London based producer, inspired after a particularly intense Kerri Chandler set. He explains the origins of this... more...

12inch Unknown: Kerri001 remind

Unknown - World Sonik Domination Volume Two ?


World Sonik Domination Volume Two ?

Missing release from the Generator catalogue... according to Discogs. Three tracks, not sure who made them. Probably released as a test pressing only.... more...

12inch Generator: GEN023 remind

Unknown - Toolwaxx 2
12inch Toolwaxx: Toolwaxx002 remind

Unknown - Seldom Felt 5


Seldom Felt 5

Seldom Felt are injecting the fun back into Techno with this epic remix of a dearly departed Disco diva. Limited edition and one sided.

12inch Seldom Felt: Seldom005 remind