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Plant43 - Return To The Sentient City
12inch Semantica: Sem069(2020) € 10,99

Marine Boy - La Monde Marine

Marine Boy

La Monde Marine

The mythical Marine Boy EP from 1990 resurfaces for its 30th anniversary. The highly sought-after 'Laura Laura' and 'La Monde Marine' come remastered... more...

12inch Wormhole Wisdom: WORMO3 € 9,99

IXRQ - Intersect



IXRQ on a mission with his first full EP on Stilleben after an appearance on Stilleben VA before. Now to discover and get deeper into the electro soun... more...

12inch Stilleben: Stilleben058 remind

Dj Steve - Mainline EP

Dj Steve

Mainline EP

Deep down in the Sheffield underground lies the lair of DJ Steve, a subterranean studio fizzing with electricity. The 'Mainline' EP collects together... more...

12inch Klasse Wrecks: Wrecks031 remind

Aux 88 - Global Darkness
12inch Creme: CremeClassics04 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Newclear Waves - Archive Tracks 2005-2009

Newclear Waves

Archive Tracks 2005-2009

Winter is coming, with 'Archive Tracks 2005-2009' by Newclear Waves as its soundtrack. For the album, Berlin-based and Italian-born producer, DJ and l... more...

LP Electronic Emergencies: EE033rtm € 14,99

Taupe - Vested EP


Vested EP

"Colours is the new imprint of Dutch producer and DJ Taupe. Having released on labels such as Indigo Aera's much celebrated AE-X and the newly formed... more...

12inch Colours: CLRS001 € 9,99

2Morph - II



Trust = Success. Original Music written, recorded and produced by 2Morph in Warnitz. Fuer Kuki und Andi. more...

Cassette Tape Tax Free Records: HATE3 € 7,99

Dj Fett Burger - Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R)

Dj Fett Burger

Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R)

This release is a nine track double album with the full circle of Fett man's artistic styles to date. A deep personal trip into the different sounds t... more...

2x12inch Mongo Fett: Fett404 remind

Various Artists - Abstract Logic EP

Various Artists

Abstract Logic EP

Legendary Detroit techno labelis back with some Deep techno meets acid intellect for a riveting blitz of beat aggression and sonic commotion. Recommen... more...

12inch Soiree: SRT174 € 10,99

Konduku - Seker



Seker-meditation resting in itself: You always know where you are while having no clue where it’s coming from! Rooted in steppy beats, these 5 variati... more...

12inch DISK: DISK20 remind

Ismistik - Bonus Bouncers EP


Bonus Bouncers EP

Essential 1991 techno masterpiece! Remastered and beatifully reissued by Emotions Electric. Originally released on Djax-Up-Beats.

12inch Emotions Electric: EE0005 remind

Legowelt - System Shapeshift EP


System Shapeshift EP

Dutch producer Danny Wolfers aka Legowelt needs little introduction unless you’ve spent the past two decades buried beneath a Mont Blanc avalanche. Hi... more...

12inch C.E.E: CEE04 remind

XI - Untitled



Sex Tags UFO is back with this special 10 year label anniversary release with XI. SVN and PE's (DJ Fett Burger) long running left-field house project.... more...

12inch Sex Tags UFO: UFO11 remind

Simon Moncler - Data Streams EP

Simon Moncler

Data Streams EP

OCP presents four lysergic equations for the digitized psyche. Simon Moncler and Koga don't play about. Tunes for times when you don't smoke the splif... more...

12inch OCP: OCP003 remind

Eversines - Plooi (Oceanic Remix)


Plooi (Oceanic Remix)

Stupendous mini sonic odyssey of sorts, taking us from vaporous skylines to brightly hued seascapes. Both captivatingly melodic and kinetic to the ful... more...

12inch Kalahari Oyster Cult: OYSTER27 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Human Space Machine - Cycle

Human Space Machine


Over the course of three tracks, HSM explores the rich territories in between moody breakbeats, mesmerizing percussion riffs and drifting house. Its a... more...

12inch De Lichting: DLEP03 remind

Huerta - Dog At Sea


Dog At Sea

Following releases on Slow Life, Small Hours, and Slapfunk, Huerta finally takes matters into his own hands with Dog At Sea, a 3-track club record for... more...

12inch Leizure: LZR001 remind

Sam De La Rosa - Slick People EP

Sam De La Rosa

Slick People EP

Sam de la Rosa of the band Led Er Est, and with Karen Sharkey of The Coombe, is back on Mannequin Records with his third release with 4 stunning track... more...

12inch Mannequin records: MNQ135 remind

Morphid - Amida



Previously unreleased original 90s archive tracks from Morphid (Mephisto). Classic deep techno excursions and moody downtempo electronics from Lucid R... more...

12inch Lucid Recordings: LUX012XL € 13,99

Back in stock

Anunaku - Stargate EP


Stargate EP

After a stunning debut EP on Whities, Italian-born London resident Anunaku (aka TSVI) continues his quest for international drum domination with "Star... more...

12inch 3024: 3024-ANU1 remind

Sansibar - Targeted Individuals


Targeted Individuals

The debut full length album from the enigma himself. Outer space elektro phonk from the mind of an escaped MK-Ultra patient. Dedicated to Erik Travis,... more...

2x12inch Darknet: DN01 remind

Lokier - Fighting The Past


Fighting The Past

Soldiers march through the rain and enter the war zone to the sound of Lokier's dystopian, electrifying body music and acid. Her sound aesthetic perfe... more...

12inch Pinkman: Pnkmn025 € 10,99




Originally released on 1991, MBG is one of the most talented italian deep-house producers from late 80's/ early 90's. This Ep is one of his best relea... more...

12inch MBG International: MBG1091 remind

Available for pre-order

Mr. Fingers - Vault Sessions 1

Mr. Fingers

Vault Sessions 1

Alleviated Records is proud to present the first of hopefully a succession of releases sharing selections from our own Archive of recordings that eith... more...

12inch Alleviated: ML2238 € 10,99

CrusHerr - Target Acid


Target Acid

Dirty brown acid tracks from the sewers of The Hague... The dirty brown elbow connection in full effect!

12inch Murdercapital: M014 € 11,49

Konduku - Orbu



After releases on Valentino Mora's IDO Records, Delsin's Mantis series and Don't DJ's DISK, Konduku returns to Nous'klaer Audio with a four-tracker on... more...

12inch Nous klaer Audio: K3 remind

Mammo - Type Null / Arcology


Type Null / Arcology

31*9: I've completely lost my way in this rocky maze and to make matters worse, I've lost half of my tail. I don't understand, it's as if my most impo... more...

12inch Nduja: NDJ002 remind

Map.ache - What Does That Mean


What Does That Mean

Map.ache's second album for giegling with some lovely lush mellow techno and electronics! more...

2LP Giegling: Glglp010 remind

Klakson - 20in20 T-shirt (Black)


20in20 T-shirt (Black)

Limited red on black 20 years of klakson anniversary tshirt!

Merchandise Klakson: kl-20in20TeeBlackL remind

Klakson - 20in20 T-shirt (White)


20in20 T-shirt (White)

Limited red on white 20 years of klakson anniversary t-shirt!

Merchandise Klakson: kl-20in20TeeWhiteL remind