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Dollkraut - Vuile Leugenaar


Vuile Leugenaar

New Dollkraut 4-tracker on The Hague's mighty Viewlexx. This is galactic sleaze at its finest! ''Zijn jullie klaar..?!''

12inch Viewlexx: V031 remind

Various Artists  - Private Party EP

Various Artists

Private Party EP

A unique release with four tracks, each by a different 030303 member from the first hour. B?hm kicks off with Tranquility, a moody and atmospheric aci... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP020 remind

Sindh - Kalahari



Kalahari is the first EP from producer Sindh, who, like many of the artists on Valentino Mora's IDO, expresses a wistful fondness for nature in its my... more...

12inch IDO: IDO06 € 10,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Various Artists - Five Years Of Love Part One

Various Artists

Five Years Of Love Part One

The System 108 anniversary record sums up the label's five-year work without words. The new collection is an impression of everything that the team ha... more...

12inch System 108: S108-004.1 € 10,99

Thotful Spot & Nuw Idol - Mineral 02

Thotful Spot & Nuw Idol

Mineral 02

In the rebound: Thotful Spot – Trans-Sylvania © 1994 Basic Energy.* Nüw Idol – Restore © 1993 Nuw Communications.

12inch Mineral Cuts: MINERAL02 remind

quadratschulz - One Week EP
12inch Altered Sense: AS010 remind

Dopefist - AS009
2LP Altered Sense: AS009 € 24,99

NWAQ - Above EP


Above EP

Jochem Peteri comes drifting back into earshot with some new NWAQ tackle in tow. Beyond the plentiful reissues of his timeless earlier works, Peteri i... more...

12inch Last Age: LASTAGE01 € 7,99

Shampoo - Katarsis EP


Katarsis EP

Get ready for the 4th wax release from Mood Of The ERA with Shampoo and his emotion packed heavy hitter EP titled Katarsis.

12inch Mood of the Era: MOTE004 € 13,99

Various Artists - Bardouin VA002

Various Artists

Bardouin VA002

This various artists EP on Bardouin includes 5 tracks of some well known and new talents like Warn Twice, Charleeps, ESBA, Neida, Larson or Sentiments... more...

12inch Bardouin Music: BM003 € 7,99

Various Artists - 10.XX LP Sampler

Various Artists

10.XX LP Sampler

Following the release of DBA's tenth anniversary digital compilations in 2020, the label presents a vinyl edition sporting the four most in demand tra... more...

12inch Don't Be Afraid: DBA10011002 € 11,99

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Vladimir Dubyshkin - Pornographic Novel

Vladimir Dubyshkin

Pornographic Novel

Tambov's Vladimir Dubyshkin returns to trip with his 'pornographic novel' EP, dedicated to the 90's Russian porn phenomenon. Russian lullabies inspir... more...

12inch Trip: TRP032 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Bees - Hi Keke


Hi Keke

This time it's another content. I went to the curve on my bike. However, I can't take a decent shot because I found a long bee in the area making a ne... more...

12inch A Visiting Link: VIS1T € 10,99

Available for pre-order

Aleksi Perala - Spectrum Analysis

Aleksi Perala

Spectrum Analysis

14 highlights from Aleksi Perala's ''Spectrum Analysis'' series on this triple vinyl album. Aleksi again conjures up repetitive, minimalistic techno c... more...

3x12inch + Download Repetitive Rhythm Research: RRR005 € 33,99

Various Artists - Nous'klaer Audio Summer Sampler '21

Various Artists

Nous'klaer Audio Summer Sampler '21

Nous'klaer presents their summer sampler of 2021! Eight hot tracks by new and known names on the label, to celebrate their 50th vinyl release. Startin... more...

2x12inch Nous klaer Audio: NOUSSS21 € 23,99




FJAAK proudly presents SYS03, the third instalment in the series the producers have put in place to help venues that hold a dear place in their hearts... more...

12inch Fjaak: SYS03 € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Cressida - Can You Sleep Like This


Can You Sleep Like This

Cressida has carved a space in the hollows between UK bass culture and Berlin's techno heritage, skilfully siphoning the finer side of breakbeat, gara... more...

12inch + Download Voitax: VOI027 € 10,99