03-06-2022: Pre-order update! Mr Fingers - Amnesia, limited edition colour vinyl & more...

Mr Fingers - Amnesia, Clone store exclusive coloured vinyl!

This uber classic release by Mr. Fingers finally gets the reissue it deserves! A DJ friendly triple pack vinyl with nothing but killer tracks! Pre-order now and get the lovely blue vinyl edition exclusive to the clone.nl customers.

Mr. Fingers - Amnesia

Mr. Fingers


Re-issue of seminal Mr. Fingers album 'Amnesia', available officially for the first time in 32 years on Larry Heard's own Alleviated Records. This rem... more...

3x12inch Alleviated: ML9002LP € 33,99

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Arpanet - Quantum Transposition


Quantum Transposition

Re-issue of Arpanet's second album from 2005. After the criticly acclaimed 'Wireless Internet' album Arpanet goes on a starker and more experimental a... more...

2LP + Download Clone Aqualung Series: CAL018LP € 31,99

Jodey Kendrick - Village of the Damn Fine

Jodey Kendrick

Village of the Damn Fine

A collection of brilliant modern electronica scores inspired by the Bedfordshire countryside by Jodey Kendrick. Some of the historical landmarks in th... more...

LP Clone - Dub Recordings: C#DUB048 € 14,99

Dopplereffekt - Neurotelepathy



After three years of experimentation in isolation, Dopplereffekt have emerged with Neurotelepathy, an oracular narrative of cerebral entanglement and... more...

2LP Leisure System: LSR026 € 28,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Steffi - Yours & Mine


Yours & Mine

Re-release of Steffi's successful debut album Yours & Mine on her new imprint. The classic house album that reminds of early Detroit and Chicago track... more...


Moodymann - Mahogany Brown


Mahogany Brown

Limited re-press on clear vinyl. Much in demand second Kenny Dixon Jr. aka Moodymann album (and his first on Peacefrog) with classic tracks from the K... more...

2LP Peacefrog: PFG074C € 34,99

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Mr. Fingers - Around the Sun pt.1

Mr. Fingers

Around the Sun pt.1

Mr. Fingers returns on Alleviated Records with a new album!!! Larry Heard (under his most notable monniker) continues on the path he’s set with ‘Cereb... more...

2LP Alleviated: ML9018 € 32,99

Ghetto Brothers - Ghetto disco

Ghetto Brothers

Ghetto disco

New edition of the Clone Royal Oak 005. Blake Baxter and Orlando Voorn's classic Ghetto Brothers collaboration from 1992. Fierce and funky club-orien... more...

EP Clone Royal Oak: Royal005re € 11,49
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Frits Wentink - Double Man EP

Frits Wentink

Double Man EP

Frits Wentink returns to Clone Royal Oak, he and his double causing trouble on the dancefloor! 'Double Man', 'Friends' and 'Trouble Man'. Three cuts w... more...

12inch Clone Royal Oak: Royal049 € 11,49

Ryan James Ford - Exshaw Remixes

Ryan James Ford

Exshaw Remixes

Remix megapack for Ryan James Ford's acclaimed Exshaw album. On duty: DJ Stingray313, Alden Tyrell, Sansibar, Dave Monolith and the Zenker Brothers. V... more...

12inch Clone - Dub Recordings: C#DUB046rmx € 11,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

The Hasbeens - Make The World Go Away

The Hasbeens

Make The World Go Away

Long-awaited Re-issue of The Hasbeens' ''Make The World Go Away'' Clone release. 3 timeless energetic mechanical Disco tracks with a dark new-wave/sy... more...

12inch Clone West Coast Series: CWCS019 remind

Frequency - Trigger Treshold / Shift Echo


Trigger Treshold / Shift Echo

Double headliner 12'' with Trigger Treshold on the A-side in two versions and Shift Echo on the AA-side. Both tracks coming in two versions exploring... more...

12inch Repetitive Rhythm Research: RRR003 € 11,99

DJ Joe Lewis - Survival EP

DJ Joe Lewis

Survival EP

In 1990 Joe Lewis teamed up with singer Darryl Goodlett to form the shortlived Survival. Now on Clone Classic Cuts their Midnight Dancin' finally gets... more...

EP Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC033 € 12,49

DJ Joe Lewis - Love Of My Own

DJ Joe Lewis

Love Of My Own

1987... for those lucky enough visiting a decent import shop in that year could have seen a US import record with pink label showing a darts board wit... more...

12inch Clone Classic Cuts: C#CC034 € 12,49