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Brainwaltzera - Marzipan EP


Marzipan EP

*** 1 copy per customer*** Marzipan should more than satisfy fans of the classic Rephlex, Warp Records/Modern Electronica sound with it's organic feel... more...

12inch Recdup: RC001 remind

Brainwaltzera - Marzipan EP


Marzipan EP

Emotional Response continues with this 'archival' release of Brainwaltzera's Marzipan EP. As can occur in the nature of electronic music, the self-rel... more...

12inch Emotional Response: ERS041 remind

Brainwaltzera - Bunker EP


Bunker EP

Brainwaltzera and Analogical Force move along the same path, without questions, and always looking forward. "Bunker EP" is the new piece of the puzzle... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF014 remind

Brainwaltzera - Remix EP


Remix EP

The Brainwaltzera remix EP offers wholly personal interpretations of the original material, but the music remains true to the artists own production a... more...

12inch Film: FILM008 € 11,99

Brainwaltzera - Poly-Ana



Across thirteen tracks of both previously released material and fresh excursions into the artist’s world, Brainwaltzera explores sounds ranging from l... more...

2LP Film: FILMLP003 € 24,99

Brainwaltzera - Outdives EP


Outdives EP

Rephlex-ian electronix by Brainwaltzera, sometime somewhere. Don't ask, just play and make braindance great again. 4VJ/MI/EOIN/PAJ/DKAPE/AP/SP. ST... more...

12inch Analogical Force: AF007 remind

Brainwaltzera - Aescoba EP


Aescoba EP

Lovely new release by Brainwaltzera building onwards from the 00's modern electronica aesthetics. Must have for all fans of labels such as Rephlex, DU... more...

EP Film: FILM006 € 13,99

Brainwaltzera - ITSAME
2LP Film: FILMLP007 remind