Remix EP

Brainwaltzera - Remix EP

The Brainwaltzera remix EP offers wholly personal interpretations of the original material, but the music remains true to the artists own production aesthetic, with nods to classic Electro, IDM and Minimal Synth. Andrea Noce aka Eva Geist takes on Kurzweil Dame, lifted from the poly-ana LP. Gently shifting the work from it’s 4x4 rhythm to a decidedly eccentric half time dub pulse, the Fleeting Wax affiliate augments the reductivist drums of the original with her own snappy perc hits, eeking out a new, beautifully arcane energy from the source material. Newcomer Ignazz arrives with little more than a handful of Soundcloud uploads to his name. The producer flips Marzipan (leftovers) to great effect - transforming the original from blissed out IDM into a classic Electro cut with considerable poise. Luke Vibert and newcomer Guavid turn to Brainwaltzera’s Aescoba EP for their picks, both choosing to rework 10_muddy_puddle Trot, a choice cut from the artist’s recent discography. On his reimagining, the AFX co-conspirator holds on to the original hook - but loses the classic break that arrives in the latter part of the EP highlight, opting for caustic zaps and a driven, high energy drum machine rhythm to buoy up the piece, while Guavid draws for straight dance-floor science - injecting a heavy dose of funk into the package, pittin

12inch Film: FILM008 remind
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