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04-08-2022 - thursday

La Famille & Caron Wheeler - Dancer

La Famille & Caron Wheeler


Freestyle presents the first officially licensed reissue for a previously white label-only slice of fantastic 1982 UK boogie funk, featuring the vocal... more...

12inch Freestyle Records: FSR116 € 16,99
Also available @ D\G\T\L

08-03-2021 - monday

Caron - Shattered



2020 was a year like no other. Thankfully, Shipwrec is slowly returning to normality. Not only is the label back to releasing form, but also the roste... more...

12inch Shipwrec: Ship067 € 10,49

15-02-2018 - thursday

Caron - Haunted Memory


Haunted Memory

*** 1 copy per customer *** Haunted Memory sees Caron shift through the gears from string ridden melancholy to aggressive broken acidic workouts all w... more...

12inch Brokntoys: Brokntoys20 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

28-08-2017 - monday

Caron - Shifted Reality


Shifted Reality

Next up on our beloved Dutch acidic label is Caron's Shifted Reality EP. Caron is a gearfreak from Leeuwarden and really twisted the knobs on his gea... more...

12inch 030303: 030EP012 remind

15-03-2017 - wednesday

Caron - Dualism EP


Dualism EP

Transcendent starts a white label (hand stamped) series besides the regular label output. The first release is by Leeuwardens finest electronic music... more...

12inch Transcendent: TRSD-W001 remind

Sandor Caron - Zwepg typis

Sandor Caron

Zwepg typis

Cool broken beat Detroit techno tracks with a killer remix from Kirk Degiorgio (As One). Sollid stuff!

12inch Delsin: Delsin 18 remind

Sandor Caron - Agenda

Sandor Caron


Nice slow broken beat experiments with 2 cool remixes by Sonar Lodge and Funckarma on this 4 track ep..

12inch Music for speakers: Music for speakers 09 remind

David Caron - Incident report

David Caron

Incident report

Jazzy brokenbeat/Detroit technosoul crossover.. Moody melangolic synths and funky drummachines.. Great record!!

12inch Music for speakers: Music for speakers 11 remind