Shifted Reality

Caron - Shifted Reality

Next up on our beloved Dutch acidic label is Caron's Shifted Reality EP. Caron is a gearfreak from Leeuwarden and really twisted the knobs on his gear on this one. The first track 'Labyrinth'. caron programmed his equipment in such a manner that the track sounds that it has been made with the use of a smoke machine and a strobe light, causing a clouded consciousness with a cardiac arrhythmia. 'Ambla' is a kind of track you seem not to really notice at first. Days later you wonder what the name of the tune was that has been circling your mind all this time. After moments of torturing yourself obsessively digging your collection, you eventually find peace putting the needle on the record and hearing the abstract sound of 'Ambla'. On the flipside the track 'Enlightened' brings you exactly what the title suggests whether you just started your club night or are at the after of the after of the afterparty. And finally the track 'Slide' which is just pure pumping power, shifting your reality and alienating you from all these earthly affairs.

12inch 030303: 030EP012 remind