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Desroi - Floating In Empty


Floating In Empty

Germany's rising newcomer DJ and producer Desroi will deliver his debut album on Semantica by early November. He has gained wide attention with his Dw... more...

2x12inch Semantica: SEM116 remind

Desroi - Pasiilgau EP


Pasiilgau EP

Relentless industrial techno with a touch of Mills and the likes on this new label.

12inch Desroi: DESROI01 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Desroi - Dwell In Motion


Dwell In Motion

Desroi debuts on Avian. Shifted’s Avian label returns to fore with a heady, five track offering from German producer, Desroi. In keeping with the lab... more...

12inch Avian: AVN033 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Desroi - Azara
12inch Envra: NVR02 remind

Desroi - Indifferent (Phase Fatal Remix)


Indifferent (Phase Fatal Remix)

Following on a trio of successes with established talent, for our fourth release MANHIGH takes an excursion to lesser-known regions with experimentali... more...

12inch Manhigh: MANHIGH004 € 10,49