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Evigt Morker - 1

Evigt Morker


Evigt Morker is a newly started musical project with its base in Stockholm, Sweden. This first release consists of four fateful techno-tracks, each on... more...

12inch Evigt Morker: EVIGT001 remind

Evigt Morker - 3

Evigt Morker


The sun rises and through the eye of rain the seraph appears to announce the third coming.

12inch Evigt Morker: EVIGT003 remind

Artefakt / Evigt Morker - Konstrukt 003

Artefakt / Evigt Morker

Konstrukt 003

All sounds running together, combined, fused or following. Sounds of the city and sounds out of the city, sounds of the day and night.. Thousands of... more...

12inch Konstrukt: KON003 remind

Evigt Morker - 4

Evigt Morker


Someone has discovered that in Närke lays a dead snake encircled in a wreath of stars. Hence this is the fourth release in the Evigt Mörker series.

12inch Evigt Morker: EVIGT004 remind

Evigt Morker - Total makt

Evigt Morker

Total makt

'Total makt' is the molten new EP from Evigt Morker. There's plenty to be charmed by as the collection of tracks open out and tame our senses. Once th... more...

EP Northern Electronics: NE51 € 9,99

Evigt Morker - Krona

Evigt Morker


Following up his pair of cryptically luminous EPs for Northern Electronics in the past years, Evigt Morker presents his debut album, Krona. With a... more...

2LP Northern Electronics: NE64 € 19,99