Evigt Morker


Evigt Morker - Krona

Following up his pair of cryptically luminous EPs for Northern Electronics in the past years, Evigt Morker presents his debut album, Krona. With a shuffling atmosphere that's hard to pin down, the album chronically fixates on the degradation and construction of rhythmic drills with finely rendered parts and patterns. Spiralling the listener through a set of stormy soundscapes, Krona keeps placing the horizon just ahead, and just out of reach. The unease that Evigt Morker invites us into is electrically charged and threatening to crack. For all its syncopation we are relentlessly swerving through the works, afraid of teasing an arcing static shock from the blistering commotion. The album's propulsive tracks are settled against a pair of stunning ambient compositions that capture some of the tension from a distance. Technical dexterity and perfectly pitched intensity stakes out Evigt Morker's debut album as an impressive statement.

2LP Northern Electronics: NE64 € 19,99