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Ex-Terrestrial - Gamma Infolded


Gamma Infolded

Written in Toronto and Montreal between 2017-2018, this debut LP from ex-terrestrial is in part the residue of long drives through Belgian countryside... more...

2x12inch NAFF: NAFF007 remind
Also available @ D\G\T\L

Ex-Terrestrial  - Portal Vision


Portal Vision

Beautiful emotive house tracks! Ex-Terrestrial arrives with four tracks from the realms of dance. Portal Vision is the liquid language of house, serve... more...

12inch NAFF: Naff001 remind

Ex-Terrestrial - Urth Born


Urth Born

Pacific Rhythm returns with a slight deviation from the Vancouver sound to explore transmissions from the Eastern corners of Canada. Four introspectiv... more...

12inch Rhythms Of The Pacific: PR003 remind

Ex-Terrestrial - Paraworld



Reissue of Ex-Terrestrial’s debut EP lands comfortably on Temple. Resting somewhere between the inner and outer, Paraworld is the space for thoughtful... more...

12inch Temple: TMPL-RE01 remind