Basturma Highway

J.T.C. - Basturma Highway

The new MinimalRome series for clubbers in sick-leave. Limited to 250 copies. J.T.C. is the techno alter ego of Tadd Mullinix/Dabrye. His style ranges from caffeine techno to dark ebm tunes to sick house. This time Tadd brings two jacking 4/4 Chicago house monsters, embroidered here and there by dirty 303 loops, whistles, eerie vocal samples and crispy pads. Both amazingly packaged in a loud analogue production. MRX records are limited to 250 copies and come in a printed sleeve with holes depicting a winged boy fighting against a bull, a figurative representazion of the MRX precept: Patiendum Est (“one must endure”).

12inch MinimalRome: MRX016 remind