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John Shima

Apoapsis EP

cover: John Shima - Apoapsis EP

Sheffield based John Shima joins the diametric. family. After a series of digital releases in the last years it is a tremendous pleasure to release the very first vinyl 12” of John on diametric. His music could be easily described as the logical progression of the legacy of famous UK acts such as B12, Stasis or Nuron, but that would be only half the story really. John mixes very emotional and deep techno with intrinsic and delicate rhythmic structures, in parts even harsh sounding bitcrushed percussions, and IDM influences together to his very own special blend. 300 handnumbered limited vinyl copies only. Recommended!

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vinyl 12inch Diametric 15-diam in stock buy € 9.29
 This item is also available for download @ CLONE D\G\T\L